Wednesday Vignette: Heavenly Folly Made This World So Bright

With daffodils mad footnotes for the spring, And asters purple asterisks for autumn — – Conrad Aiken, Preludes for Memnon, 1931 Photos from my garden

Serpentine! Serpentine!*

Last month, we (spouse & I) visited the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, in Owings Mills, Maryland (just northwest of Baltimore) which “is comprised of 1,900

October in Retrospect

We had a very light frost in late September, which killed leaves on a few of the cucumber plants, and nothing else in my yard.

What’s in Bloom Here Now – October 2015

It’s surprising how much is in bloom in October in New Hampshire, especially if you count the autumn leaves as blooms, which I do. We

What’s in Bloom Here Now – Sept 2015

September is slipping by, summer is slipping by, but I’m happy to report that after a few rainy days where we barely hit 60F, the

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