New Year’s Imaginings

I don’t make resolutions or set goals.  But when I think about the garden from the vantage point of early winter, I do wish, imagine,

Having a Mind of Winter

In honour of our first snowstorm of the season, some photos of winter in gardens past and present, and the offering of a long-time favourite

The Lively Edge

I have a friend who has been running the boundaries of farms in Maine and creating art from that experience. I love the idea. She

The Risk of Slowing Down

I heard a story on NPR’s Morning Edition this week, Around The World In … A Lot Of Steps, about Paul Salopek’s walk around the

Keeping a Record

Keeping a record of what’s going on in your garden isn’t for everyone, but it has proven valuable for me, as a learning tool, an

Loving Them and Leaving Them

Since 1991, I have created and maintained a garden in Maryland (3 years), a large garden in rural Maine (8 years), a small garden in

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