Slow Botany

Well, I just love this little piece today by The Dabbler on Slow Botany. As explained, “Slow botany developed as a reaction against all those

The Density of the Everyday World

We need to love things that are ordinary and banal. We must look at them and respect them. We must open ourselves up to the

A Sudden Softness: Flower Shows

“Garden design is all about concealment and surprise.” ― Andrew Crofts, Secrets of the Italian Gardener *   *   *   *   * ‘Tis the season …

A mood, an atmosphere, a series of limitations, a world

If you haven’t seen the social media brouhaha about #the dress this past week, count yourself lucky, and sheltered. But it does raise fascinating questions

Seeds: The Whisper That Shapes A Song

“There is a way to see inside By looking directly through to seed or marrow Within the bone vessel a world is made Red and

Snow, Blessed Snow

It’s been a snowy winter so far in my area, central New Hampshire. The U.S. National Weather Service posted a map on its Facebook page

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