Wednesday vignette

Sometimes I roam my garden or other places with an eye for the impression of colours, textures, intersections, shadow & light, how things move together,

Don’t leave the garden untended in August …

…. or you will end up with cucurbits of gargantuan proportions. Fair warning. The summer squash grew from nothing to its pictured extent in 5

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden – again!

When in Richmond, I like to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, only a mile or two from the Amtrak train station. A couple of

View from the end of the month: July

Here’s what’s going on in my patch of land in northern New England as of 31 July (or really, 1 August) 2016: It’s raining as

View from the end of the month: June

(Let’s see how long I remember to keep this monthly ritual going.  My record is not strong.) Here’s what’s going on in my patch of

A lot going on with the angelica

I noticed that the angelica plant, standing about 6 feet tall in my back border — either Angelica archangelica (European angelica) or A. atro­purpurea (a

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