Independence Days #3

I’m following along with Sharon Astyk’s “Independence Days” project, which started a couple weeks ago. It’s a “10-week exercise [that] builds community, accountability and solidarity

Garden Insects: Wasps & Bees of Late and Previously

Growing up, I was a girl who ran screaming from spiders, bees, wasps, some beetles, scary looking bugs. I had some reason for running, if

31 Days of A Sense of Place :: Day 3 ~ Who Lives Here?

Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Days of A Sense of Place. This project is a bit like Wallace Stevens’ poem Thirteen Ways of Looking

Wondering What On Earth Happened

What continues to astonish me about a garden is that you can walk past it in a hurry, see something wrong, stop to set it

The Niveous, Avian Garden

“He made two or three peculiar observations; as when shewn the botanical garden, ‘Is not EVERY garden a botanical garden?” ― James Boswell, The Life

Slow Botany

Well, I just love this little piece today by The Dabbler on Slow Botany. As explained, “Slow botany developed as a reaction against all those